Travel Duvet

Travel Duvet

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Travel Duvet

travel duvet is easy to take with you because it can compress down greatly. Lay it flat in your suitcase after you've packed, close the lid, and press down. It will end up only being about 4 or 5 cm thick.

Travel Pillow

This delightful little pillow will be a faithful companion on all your travels. Take the comfort of home wherever you go and sleep better in familiar surroundings.

This 16” x 20” pillow folds into its small carry bag for easy packing. It's the perfect size for placing on top of hotel pillows.

If you take your travel pillow in your suitcase, lay it flat on top of your garments and close the lid over it, allowing the natural fill to compress to less than a couple of centimetres.

The cover of the pillow is made of dust mite-proof pure 100% cotton.

Both the pillowcase and pillow are easily machine washed and dried. We recommend purchasing a spare pillowcase for in-between wash days.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tony Hernandez
Perfect combo

The perfect camping combo. These travel companions are so lightweight there's no way you'll notice anything extra in your bag. In fact, you'll probably be wondering if you even packed them at all.

Easy to pack

The duvet is lightweight, compact, and easy to pack, making it perfect for travel. I would highly recommend this travel duvet for anyone in need of a portable, comfortable bedding option for their travels.

James Kim
Perfect Gift

I already ordered another one as it makes a perfect gift for my traveler sister! I am thrilled with how soft and convenient it is.

Must have

Came in just like it was described and the size is just what I was looking for. The luggage handle is super genius. It was very helpful.

Jacquie M.
Loved it

I recently used my travel duvet and pillow on a trip and was impressed. They are lightweight, and compact and provide adequate warmth and comfort. The material retained its shape after being packed!

Erica L.
Great addition

This product exceeded my expectations, it is soft and light. I have an upcoming trip and can't wait to use my new travel duvet!