How to Measure for a Duvet

Duvet Fit

Your duvet should hang generously over the sides of your bed, covering the gap where the mattress meets the box spring. We recommend measuring the width & depth of your mattress, and adding a few inches to account for shrinkage, and either side puffing up.



If your queen mattress is 60" wide with a depth of 12" you will need to accommodate for 12" + 60" + 12" = 84" (or 88" accounting for shrinkage adding a few inches). In this example our standard Queen Duvet (88" x 92") would be appropriate.

We have a full custom sew room, and make our duvets from scratch. They come in four weights:

Because of our on-site production, we can customize the weight or size of your duvet to match your exact needs, just give us a call or leave a "note" during online checkout, we'd be happy to accommodate.


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