Interior Design

Transforming ordinary rooms into a pleasing and functional sanctuary.

Our interior style curators will handpick new furniture and leverage the pieces you already have to create an extraordinary space according to your expectations.

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Our Interior Design Process

Your Areas

Create a cohesive style in your home. We’ll analyze your spaces and colour scheme.


We find the perfect drapes, pillows, blinds and more elements to create your dream area.

Your Style

We’ll partner with you to reflect your unique style. 

How it Works

Step 1 - Consultation

  • Brief conversation to discuss design plans.
  • Schedule a consultation call to analyze your spaces & evaluate decor possibilities.
  • Check the ideas or inspiration you may have in advance.

Step 2 - Search

  • Gather decorative & functional elements like pillows, bedding, blinds, drapes & upholstery.
  • Receive options of models you asked for & additional elements from our experts.
  • Make your final decision and let’s start co-creating your space together!

Step 3 - Delivery

  • Once you’ve made your final decision – you’ll receive your decorative elements right in your home
  • Receive all the information regarding the use and care of your new decor.
  • Get final instructions and answers to any questions you have.

Frequent Questions

Choose from pillows, bedding, shades & blinds, drapes, upholstery, furniture and more.

During our consultation call, we will hear your ideas, analyze your examples and come up with additional expert proposals to work with.

During our virtual call, you will show us around your area to have a better idea about how to transform it into the amazing room you want.

The warranty timeframes for different decorative elements will vary. Schedule a consultation call and we’ll explain our warranty policy.

While these steps aren’t required to schedule a consultation call – we highly recommend following them to help us to streamline the process.

  1. Identify the room you’ll like us to intervene and the style you’ll like it to reflect.
  2. Bring pictures of the furniture and decorative elements you’ve liked so far to take inspiration from.
  3. Prepare all the questions and doubts you’ll like our expert to answer. We’ll be happy to make everything as clear as water.

Swatches for certain elements may be available on request. Mention this during our consultation call and our stylists will show you the possibilities.

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