Does your favourite down duvet look flattend and faded?
Did your down or feather pillow/s lose its’ fluff?
YES? ... Well, we have great news!

For the month of April, we will refresh your pillows and duvets, making them comfortable and beautiful, just as they were on day one.

How does it work?

1. Book your appointment

2. Drop off your pillow, duvet or both at our store

3. Pick up when ready

4. Continue enjoying your favourite pillow or duvet!

Important note: this service is available only for the month of April!!

Appointments fill up fast, so please don’t wait until the last minute. We don't offer it throughout the rest of the year.

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Frequent Questions

What is the Pillow & Duvet Refresh Service?

Our Pillow & Duvet Refresh Service is a professional restoration service that extends the life of your pillows and duvets. We refresh your favourite pillow and duvet so they look and feel new again.

What is the cost of the Pillow & Duvet Refresh Service?

The cost of the Pillow & Duvet Refresh Service depends on the weight and type of pillows and duvets you’d like to refresh.

Prices start at $49. We will give you an exact quote in store.

What types of pillows and duvets can you refresh?

We refresh only down or feather pillows and down duvets.

How should I prepare for the Pillow & Duvet Refresh Service?

Wash and thoroughly dry your pillows and duvets before taking them in. Please don’t bring damp pillows or duvets. We’ll handle it from there.

How do I know if I should refresh my pillow or duvet?

We recommend refreshing your pillows as needed to keep them in good condition.

You can also tell if they’ve visibly lost their original sheen or appeal. If that’s the case, they should be refreshed.

They need to be refreshed if they no longer feel as comfortable as they once did.

Can I ship my pillows and duvets to you?

Sure! You can ship it to our address:  32 Wilson St Guelph, ON N1H 4G5

Please compact package your pillow or duvet. You are responsible to pay for the shipping to us and we will arrange shipping back to you.

Just contact us and we will help you to clean your down, feather pillow & duvet