Pure Down & Feather Blended Pillow
Pure Down & Feather Blended Pillow
Pure Down & Feather Blended Pillow
Pure Down & Feather Blended Pillow

Pure Down & Feather Blended Pillow

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This pillow is filled with a blend of tiny breast feather + pure down, to feel very much like a pure down pillow at a fraction of the price.

  • Canadian Down from Hutterite Farms
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Includes Case for Storage / Travel

We can take any of our handcrafted down products and modify the number of ounces to fit your soft, medium or firm comfort needs. Quotes are available upon request.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kathryn Finora
Down and feather pillow

Very high quality and comfortable.

Linda Kenneth

The medium is good enough. Malleable and supportive, it reminds me of hotel pillows, it compresses a little bit but with a quick fluff is back to its shape.

K Lane
Side sleeper

I decided to go with this pillow for the extra support, I am a side sleeper, and it’s been a good experience. Very happy with my purchase.

Wendy Cloutier
Soft and firm at the same time

I’ve tried many other pillows and always woke up with back/neck pain, I decided to give this blended pillow a try and this is it! It is soft and firm at the same time, my head rests on the pillow and it feels comfy and supportive.

Antoine & Jess
Not too soft and not too firm

I bought these pillows as an anniversary present for my wife and I, and we are so happy with them. Great support on both side and back sleeping.

Great quality

Much better than memory foam pillows. I was afraid the down would be hot but I am very impressed by the quality of this product so far.


The pillow is VERY comfortable but.... and there is a big ‘but’:
The sharp quills poke through and stab you.
When we first opened the package we could feel a lot of bumps, and these turned out to be the quills.
We have ordered more pillow covers and hope that the additional layers will help.
Quite disappointing.

Best pillows

These are the best pillows we have had so far. I have chronic neck and back problems and I find these pillows help greatly with supporting my neck.