Anti Strangulation Blinds Technology


Cord and chain loops used in most households today present a strangulation risk to children. The DecoraSafe wand makes the chain inaccessible to children while it's slim and modern design has a very pleasing aesthetic look.

The technology protects your children from strangulation hazards with a patended wand design that easily rolls the blind to close or open positionts without any exposed cords or chain loops.


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Video Explanation

  • No accessible cords or chains
  • A compact wand to easily operate your DecoraSafe blinds
  • The wand is free hanging and does not require an attachment to walls or window frames
  • The crank can be inserted into the left or right side of the wand
  • Aesthetically appealing design with an ultra slim profile
  • DecoraSafe provides an alternate option for operating the blinds. You can access the chain by using the chain pusher tab, which exposes a small section of the chain to enable you to manually pull the chain to operate the shade. When the chain pusher tab is released, the chain will automatically retract back into the wand remaining concealed and out of the reach of children.
  • The DecoraSafe wand has full directional flexibility and swivels to various angles for operating the blinds or shade.
  • Low cost

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