Sheets 101

There are 4 variables that will greatly effect the performance & feel of your sheets: types of cotton, where it's woven, thread count & type of weave.


Types of Cotton

Cotton is a staple of high-quality breathable threading, though not all cotton is identical. Long staples of mature cotton are particularity desirable, which is characteristic of certain species like Egyptian or American Upland Cotton.


Where it's Woven

Certain regions are well-known for quality fabrics. Portugal, Italy and Israel for instance, are among the best weavers wordlwide. High quality fabric production is characterized by proper procedures, machines and finishing processes. 


Thread Count

A higher thread count does not neccesarily coralate with a higher quality sheet. A lower thread count Percale for example, will increasingly become plush with age. Conversly, a higher thread count sheet usually stays tightly packed producing a lighter, smooth texture -- due to the densley packed threading.


Type of Weave

Weave type is a personal preference, unlike origin or cotton type which objectively are quality indicators.

Weave Ratio Characteristics
Percale Weave 1:1 Most common fabric with a 1:1 weave. Characterized by a crisp, cool sheet.
Sateen Weave 1:4 / 1:3 / 1:2 Aysmetrically overlaid threads ie. 1:4. Characterized by a smooth sheet with subtle luster 



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