Down vs. Feather?

The Difference

Feathers are the principal covering of birds, have a flat construction and are two dimensional. A feather has the hard quill shaft running down the centre with a series of fibers joining them together into a flat structure on each side of the shaft.

Down is the light, fluffy undercoating that geese, ducks and other waterfowl have next to their bodies, underneath their feathers. It is three dimensional and round in nature. Down has evolved specifically to protect the bird against the climate, keeping them warm in the winter and cool enough in the summer.  


The Takeaway

Down is a wonderful filling with tremendous insulating properties for duvetspillows. We use ethically sourced down from Canadian Hutterite Farms, which produces some of the most sought after down worldwide.

At a lower price point, some of our products combine the loft of down, with the support of feathers, such as our Down Surround Pillows or Feather & Down Blended Pillows.

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