How to Choose a Duvet

How to Choose a Duvet

1. Choose Your Duvet Weight/Warmth

Our duvets come in four preset weights: Summer, Light, Medium & Heavy Weight. The heavier the fill weight, the warmer the duvet will be. We can take any of our handcrafted down products, including duvets and modify the number of ounces to fit your specific needs. 


Summer Weight Duvet
  • for hot sleepers too warm under their current bedding
  • for those swapping out a warmer duvet for colder seasons
Light Weight Duvet
  • a lighter popular option for year round comfort
Medium Weight Duvet
  • popular option for year round comfort
Heavy Weight Duvet
  • for those who reside in a cooler temperature
  • for those swapping out a lighter duvet in hotter seasons



2. Shop for Quality

Now that you've determined the warmth you're looking for, you can start thinking about quality build construction for added comfort and overall product longevity. All Guildcraft duvets are fill with high loft down, using a 400 thread count 100% cotton shell which is down-proof. Our duvets are European-styled, with individual chambers ensuring the down stays evenly distributed throughout your bed for the perfect night's sleep.

Loft - Loft refers to the fluffiness of the down. Higher loft down indicates the likelihood of greater whole down clusters. Loft of down is one of the largest factors in determining the price of a down product 
Thread count - High thread counts provide a tighter weave in the shell, which may mitigate the risk of down penetrating the fabric. Shells with too low thread count (<240) may allow the down to leak, while shells with counts over 500 may be too heavy if double-ply.


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